Today is Syd Lane’s Birthday!

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Syd Lane

She’s one of THE most prolific artists of this, or any other time.  In less than 10 years she’s released over 11 albums and over 150 songs.  ALL of them brilliant.  Her music is not for the faint hearted.  It’s terrifyingly beautiful and it forces you to feel which is really rare in this world.  She never runs from the most intimidating heights of emotion, instead she faces the darkness head on and harnesses it with her light.  Every time I listen to her songs I hear different things in the distance.  The arrangements are incredible.  Different parts, little notes perfectly layered and coming together to form sounds and atmospheres that can’t really be compared to anything other than what you might feel in a dream.  Then her voice comes in, and it’s soothing and pretty and vulnerable and flawed and confident in its knowing all at the same time.  I can’t think of another female singer who sounds even remotely similar to her, she’s completely unique.  And if all that weren’t enough!  She’s also a poet.  Her lyrics are so honest, and complicated, and close to the bone.  She is so talented it’s ridiculous.  More than that, she’s also brave.  Because there is literally no distance between what she feels and what she creates.  And the fact that she has done it all alone just blows our minds.  This one girl, created all of this, completely by herself and without any help.  Who else can say that?  We’re so proud to have her on the label.  Everyone should check out her back catalogue NOW, because it’s a SERIOUS body of work.